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  1. This is usually the primary search method for the GIS website and has been designed to make searching for property or other features as simple as possible. 
  2. The text box has been configured to use auto-suggest technology allowing users to narrow down and filter their search criteria with each letter typed in the text box.  After each character has been entered into any of the text boxes, results will begin to appear in a drop-down list beneath the text box.  As users type more letters the number of results in the list continues to decrease.
  3. When the desired result is located in the auto-suggest list, the user can simply click the item in the list and the text box is populated with the value.  To execute the search, click the enter key or hit the search button on the search form.
  4. The results will be displayed beneath the search form.  If only one parcel is selected the map will zoom to the extents of the parcel.
  5. Although the auto-suggest can be helpful when helping to find individual parcels, there can be instances when you may want to select multiple parcels, for example you may want to find all the parcels that are owned by somebody named "JONES".  You are still are still able to execute this type of search. 
  6. If no results are found in the database a notification is displayed at the bottom of the search form:
    Main Search Nothing Found